Flash News
 1.Ma On Shan - East wind site - REMINDER - Landing is no longer permitted at botton, FARMER'S field, Shek Kok Mei.

   If flying there, makes sure u have the skills, knowledge, and judgment to land at any of the following​   
                                                 A. TOP landing.
                                                 B. SLOPE landing. 
                                                 C. JUNGLE landing.
                                                 D. revert back to A, B, C.

  We have lost this landing location due to the inappropriate behavior of some pilots destroying property, being   
  impolite and rude to land owners and recklessly landing in and around Sai Kung.

FYI: landing there now, to my understanding will cost you some money, especially if you damage plants or property.

​2. We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. As more countries move toward reopening, we're sharing some updated guidelines and recommendations for flying and instruction.

Pilots should continue adhering to all local/landowner and CDC guidelines and restrictions. 
1.Please practice social distancing, 
2.Wear a mask, ​&
3. If you're planning to begin flying again after an extended time away, also keep in mind the spring/early summer conditions and your current skill level are up to par when you go flying again. 

If any questions reach out anytime. Fly safe, Steve

3. Please note there are similar groups in name for training but we have no relationship for training with them. Our
    e-mail address: paraglidehk@netvigator.com   

FLASH NEWSHomeAbout Paraglide HK  Equipment -ADVANCEAcc & Clothing Articles

FLASH NEWSHomeAbout Paraglide HK  Equipment -ADVANCEAcc & Clothing Articles